After a couple of weeks of trying to implement zero waste living into my lifestyle I can honestly say it isn’t as easy as I first anticipated! Everywhere I look now I can see how much plastic packaging we use in our daily lives that is out of our control. Although I may never become totally zero waste it is a good exercise for anyone to do in order to raise awareness of what we need versus what we want. Here’s how I’m getting on….

Plastic v Reusable Bag

This reusable bag literally comes EVERYWHERE with me now! It is convenient, saves me money and I don’t end up with a collection of paper and plastic bags in my room after each shopping trip! This is so easy to implement and is a step in the right direction for us all! Pick one up today if this is the only switch you make.

Plastic bag recycle reuse        Recycle Upcycle Blog       Reusable Bag

Making my own Toothpaste

By doing this the cost is substantially lower, you don’t create any plastic or cardboard waste and it tastes great! This is really so quick to make and requires only three ingredients which include:

  • Organic coconut Oil- 2 tablespoons
  • Baking Soda- 1 tablespoons
  • Forever Living natural peppermint essential oil- 20 drops
  • Ta-daaaaaa

make your own toothpastemake your own toothpaste   make your own toothpastemake your own toothpaste

I Have Nothing to Wear!!!

Well, I’m sure we are all guilty of using this phrase on a daily basis. However, after accepting this challenge I decided to start thinking of all the clothes I’m ashamed to say are lying unused in my bedroom! We have all become materialistic as we have more disposable income, so much choice and easy access thanks to internet shopping and low cost on-line brands! I am totally guilty of shopping on-line and because you are not handing over money you tend to spend more (well I do anyway). I have been the ultimate “I NEED a new outfit for every night out” which learning more about the fashion industry and The Fashion Revolution Ireland it is not something I’m proud of. For this reason I want to make fashion recycling more trendy and ‘fashionable’ for young people. My aim is to become less materialistic and begin living a minimalistic lifestyle.

Fashion Revolution Clothes
Fashion Revolution Clothes
Suitcase Number 1
Fashion Revolution Clothes
Ironing Basket Full to the Brim
Fashion Revolution Clothes
Baskets for socks, PJ’s & under ware!
Fashion Revolution Clothes
Rail of more clothes!
Fashion Revolution Clothes
More Clothes!
Fashion Revolution Clothes
Suitcase Number 2

Grow, Grow, Grow!!!

I have started growing my own herbs at home on the windowsill and they are finally starting to come up. I planted them in old glass jars rather than buying new containers. I find this really rewarding and it is cheap and anybody can do it.

At work we have taken on the ‘give peas a chance’ challenge which is in association with Cully & Scully and GIY (Grow it Yourself). They will send you out all you need to begin growing your own in the office or at home. This has created some competition and we plan to make up some pesto when the peas are ready. Why not take on the challenge and request your peas today from Cully & Sully.

Grow your own peas
Give peas a chance
Grow your own


I have swapped cleanser and cotton pads for a reusable face both and the No.7 hot cloth cleanser so no waste. Not only is this more environmentally friendly it is also better for your skin. Although wipes are very convenient, cheap and fast long-term they are said to cause wrinkles and spots. In my opinion when I use wipes I feel like they don’t remove the makeup and in turn your skin is left dirty and your pours are blocked. Not to mention they are filled with chemicals such as alcohol! When you use wipes to remove make-up you might find yourself dragging your skin to remove eye makeup this can cause premature ageing. So spend a little more time on your skincare regime and in the long term you will receive the rewards both financially, environmentally and physically.

Zero Waste Lifestyle     Zero Waste Lifestyle

Zero Waste Life Blog        Zero Waste Lifestyle Blog

I hope this makes you think and become more aware of the products you buy and how you too can help make small changes in your life that will have a positive impact on both you and the environment.

Continue to be mindful ❤

One thought on “NOT AS EASY AS I THOUGHT

  1. Ah, yes: the Fashion Beast that Needs Feeding! (why don’t men have this problem? One thing my friends and I love to do is host “Naked Ladies” parties. (No, no one is really naked). This is where you have all your female friends over and tell them to bring all their clothes that they have outgrown or are tired of, toss all those clothes in the middle of the floor, and on the count of three, *dive* in and start swapping clothes. Its is much more fun than buying from Thrift/Charity shops and is a way to freshen your wardrobe without succombing to Cheap Good From Who-Knows-Where.

    Cheers From Seattle, (So glad I found your blog!) -Deb


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