Highlights from The Irish Bloggers Conference 2015

Last week was a hectic week but fun week between my new role in marketing, attending the SWIPE 360 Summit in UCD and the Irish Bloggers Conference on Saturday. So many interesting events to go to in Dublin when we open our eyes which I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to attend both.


It was brilliant to see a room full of ambitious woman eager for success! The goody bag was also filled with really cool products from brands like Wet & Wild. I had the pleasure of meeting fellow bloggers too like The Makeup Fairy. I’m already looking forward to next year as I have no doubt the IBC will just grow and grow year on year. We were all there to learn more about the blogging industry and hear the success stories that have come from different people’s passions. Blogging is great way to express yourself and ANYONE with access to a computer can start one for FREE on WordPress and begin and the fun part is you don’t know what path it will lead you down. Here a few speakers that stood out to me from the conference.

Rob Lipsett was a great example of believing in himself and taking the frightening step to leave his stable full time job to pursue his blogging career. At the age of 23 he is a really successful blogger/You Tuber with his own clothing line. He encouraged the attendees to take the plunge to hand in their notice but I’m certainly not that comfortable to do that just yet. Check out his talk here from the IBC 2015 on quitting your job and starting your own business.


Barbara Scully who is a freelance journalist, broadcaster, cat lover and a feminist gave a funny yet very practical talk on how to start a blog and shared with us her mistakes since she started her blogging career at her kitchen table. She believes more woman need to be on TV and radio shows because after all we do make up 51% of the population so we need to continue to fight for equality! You can check out her blog here.


Alison Canavan is hands down one of the bravest and inspirational woman I have had the pleasure of meeting. It requires so much courage to stand in front of a room and admit a troubled past of depression and anxiety and to see how she has turned her life around is amazing! She now is teaching people life skills like meditation to empower them. I loved how she made the room meditate at the conference. She radiates beauty and her white light  is definitely shining brightly. And although she has had a very successful career she is grounded and maybe that is due to the fact she uses meditation daily and storyboards to set goals.


Over the last week it was so nice to be around like minded, inspirational men and woman that are so passionate about what they do in life. I feel like when you find your passion you genuinely won’t feel like you need to work again as it becomes so enjoyable. It has definitely motivated me to continue on this blogging journey. If you are passionate enough about a particular topic/subject regardless of what it is GO FOR IT! You never know what will come of it 😉


Happy blogging all. I hope you too find your passion in life ❤

Stacey X

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