All you Need To Know On Chia Seeds

Nutritional Facts & Benefits

There are numerous benefits to adding chia to your diet. I have chose 10 of the main reasons it is worthwhile incorporating this product into your diet. These include:

  1. Full of antioxidants
  2. High in protein (Good source of protein for vegans)
  3. CAN help with weight loss
  4. High in Omega-3 fatty acids
  5. Easily added into your diet
  6. They are considered a ‘superfood’
  7. Contains many vitamins & minerals
  8. Keeps you fuller for longer
  9. High in fibre (aids digestion & keeps the body moving)
  10. Good for Diabetics- (Slow carbohydrate to blood sugar conversion rate). Anything to aid in maintaining blood sugars is the number one bonus for me! It is a natural way of managing Diabetes especially those with Type 2.

Here’s what I do with Chia

Sprinkle on top of my favourite snack- Rice cakes & peanut better

Mix it through yogurts

Load in on top of my granola, yogurt & fruit for breakfast

You can also add them to liquid- Juices, water, soup, protein shakes, pre-workout drinks (Personally I don’t like the gel like texture when mixed with water)

What I love about them most is they are so versatile! Although they are tasteless they do give an added crunch!


Homemade protein shake                                                  Porridge topped with chia

Where can you Purchase?

Originally they were solely stocked in health stores but as it has rapidly become the new superfood phenomenon they can now be bought in most supermarkets in Ireland. In the health shop they are a bit more expensive however recently I saw them in ALDI for less than half the price. So they can still fit it into a tight budget.

I know buying healthy food is more expensive but as the old saying goes ‘your health is your wealth’.  It is better to prevent disease rather than paying the cost of medical bills/doctor appointments/medication in the future. You will also live a better lifestyle for it these simple changes in your diet :)For more information on Chia seeds visit the website here.


What the product looks like 


       Coincidently I found this offer in my local health shop- Health Nutz @ The Mill Centre Clondalkin

If you have any chia recipes feel free to share with The Mindful Guide Community, Stacey X

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