The SOSU BY SJ Launch

I recently attended the launch of Suzanne Jacksons new brand SOSUbySJ gel nail varnish collection which I love! My favourite is probably the rose gold ❤


It is quite funny how I got to attend the event. So for years I have been a follower of SoSueMe. For one reason or another I always missed her at events. So my boss in work overheard me talking to one of the girls about wanting to win one of the twenty tickets up for grabs. Long story short – He contacted Suzanne’s PA Hollie with the sweetest email and tadaaaa I was going 🙂 I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to meet her.

Suzanne from day one has been an inspiration to me. I used her first book to step by step set up my blog. If I even have a percentage of what she has achieved I will be happy. I think she is amazing business woman and entrepeneur and after speaking with  her she still remains so down to earth and makes  time for everyone. This is why I believe in The Secret! Especially in recent times, what I am putting out to the universe I am receiving. I hope you guys have began making your vision boards 🙂

I also had the pleasure of meeting the amazingly talented Emma Kenny from Emma Kenny Illustrations on the night. I absolutely love her work and totally need my own illustration done!  This is the illustration Emma done of SoSueMe of what she wore on the night of the launch. How amazing is it!

GetAttachment-1.aspx                 11183452_353347648208792_7764368113958048931_n

             This reaffirms to me that we are ALL where we are supposed to be right now and             there is a reason behind what we are ALL doing at this time. So keep going!

Some day it will all make sense ❤

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