How to Record Your Sugars

A couple of months ago at my last appointment I found out that my machine (Freestyle Optium Neo) can also record times & the number of units taken (long & short acting). The purpose of this is you can download weekly/monthly reports from the machine in order to see progress and areas in which you need to improve on. I find it very beneficial and makes you work hard in order to get the numbers down. I usually do a print off every 3 weeks in order to gain better control and also due to the fact the hospital appointments are becoming less frequent with the high volume of Type 1 patients in the clinic. You can then take the reports from the previos months to the appointment with you. I also love it as gone are the days that I spend hours the night before the appointment filling in my book which ends up being totally inaccurate. Its gives easy to read data and diagrams. The main bonus for me is there is no more filling in the book 🙂

Here is a list of what it records and recommendations of what they should be:

Average glucose- 7 or below

Standard diviation- Below 4

Average amount of tests taken (5/6)

Highest & lowest result

Daily Insuilin doeses

Hypo events- 0





     My January 2015 Report (Normal range is the grey part)

As you can see from the above table my sugars were extremely erratic and the majority of the time my sugars were on the higher scale. The last couple of months I have been working on closing the range in. This means trying to keep my sugars within the ‘normal range’ of 4-8. After a couple of weeks of being consistent with food times, getting back to carbohydrate counting (Ratio 10g:1), increasing exercise and improving my diet all the hard work is finally paying off 🙂

As we all know it is a constant battle but your health is worth the time and effort as if you don’t put the work in now it will only be harder down the road when consequences like blindness and amputations which have always been a scare tactic for me personally.

I have sooo much more energy now, I nap less as I am not spiking which eliminates the vicious circle of being low then having re-bound highs and I also now feel like it is more manageable. I have an appointment with the Diabetes Team in 2 weeks and for once I am not dreading it! So next time you have an appointment at the clinic ask for a FreeStyle Optium Neo testing machine which will give you better control over your own Diabetes. As hospital appointments are becoming less frequent due to the demand on the service you need to have the capability of understanding what’s going on, notice patterns and be able to make changes that are necessary rather than waiting until your next appointment which could be months away.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful and it will help you to gain better control over your Diabetes like it has me, Stacey  ❤

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