Easy way to make a big difference to your health and your waistline

I thankfully discovered SPELT about two years ago. For those of you who haven’t heard of it spelt it is a grain and is related to the wheat family.


I switched from white EVERYTHING to brown years ago, brown, rice, pasta, bread and never looked back, however was even more chuffed with myself on discovering spelt as the health benefits are shockingly good and its super tasty and filling to top it all off.

The spelt craze is RAPIDLY growing as it is popping up in regular supermarkets all over the place, no longer just being stocked in health food stores. I buy spelt pasta, pizza bases, crackers and cereal and have even started making my own spelt bread and scones, trust me I am not one to slave in the kitchen for long periods of time but this genuinely will take you minutes, it is also is so delicious fresh out of the oven (see ingredients below).

Please, please, please, try to be aware of what you might be considering as healthy bread. Bread bought outside the home can have a lot more sugar in it then you could have ever imagined. I like to selectively pick my sweet treats instead of unconsciously eating piles of unnatural sugar everyday that has been hidden in our food.

Ok here are the benefits- IGetAttachment[2] (2)t regulates your metabolism, helps circulation, builds your immune system, ehhhh YES PLEASE!, lowers blood sugar levels, perfect for diabetics as white bread can spike blood sugars so it is the best option. It also reduces cholesterol, contains water making it easy to digest. Really high in fibre (it could  move mountains!!!!!) I find it light on my system, it never bloats me and I feel energetic and satisfied after.

I try to listen and pay close attention to my body.  I am always consciously aware of the effects all foods have on me, by doing this I can cut out things that are not feeding my brain and energy levels. Spelt does all of the above, IT WORKS!


I purchased the Spelt flour in Nourish health food shop, all you need is oil, honey, salt, quick yeast (available in Lidl) and some hot water. Instructions and measurements are on the back of the flour pack, it is very straight forward.

I also sprinkle sesame seeds on top for extra goodness and flavour 😉


Treat your body with respect and love and you will reap the rewards, I PROMISE!

Sinead x

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