Three Day Detox

Rest and rejuvinate mind, body and spirit ❤

My grocery list (be flexible when buying I normally buy certain things if they are reduced) -All fruit and veg purchased in lidl

  • Spinach 1.90
  • Beetroot 0.79
  • Carrots 0.99 big bag
  • Apples 1.49 for 6
  • ginger 0.69 one portion is plenty for three days
  • lemon (lots of lemons, can also pop them in hot water during the day) 0.74 for 5
  • Pineapple 1.99
  • Oranges 6 pack 1.49
  • Parsnips 1.00
  • Celery 1.19
  • Cucumber (organic) 1.09 cheaper option available

I stocked up and spend a total of 30.00 over the three days. On a normal day I drink a pint of green juice every morning, I try to drink green in the morning so I don’t peak my sugar levels first thing. A fruit juice is also good but does contain sugar (natural sugar which is not half as bad) but must be consumed in moderation. However on a three day detox I’m lenient and like a variety so expand outside soley green! This is my third detox in the last twelve months. I honestly cannot recommend it enough. The last few weeks I have not been as health conscious as usual so no better way to kick you back into good clean living then a three day juice detox. Its actually a lot easier then you would expect as you get a break from cooking, which is something I never complain about! I normally consume 4-5 juices a day throughout the detox programme and will flush my system out with lots of tasty herbal teas and hot water and lemon.  I strongly believe the harder you find the detox the more your body required it as you may have had a build up of toxins and could be withdrawing from caffeine, sugar, processed food (etc). I always try to be aware of anything I am overly dependent on as to much of anything can be bad for you!

Day 1 Was absolutely fine until about 15.00 then got quite a bad headache for most of the evening and felt extremely irritable. I NEVER EVER get headaches. It went on for several hours ended up going to bed really early and slept for over 12 hours. As mentioned above I haven’t been exactly an angel with food lately, was consuming two cups of coffee daily instead of my usual one and was having a sugary treat every evening. I’m sure this headache was minor withdrawl symptoms from my daily luxuries. In a way I was satisfied that my body was clearly releasing toxins.

Day 2 Woke up feeling completely refreshed, headache completely gone. Felt really alert and happy. I had a few moments throughout the day where I found myself dreaming of  sugary treats (sugar is a problem with me) but got over it pretty quickly. At about 18.00 in the evening I looked in the mirror and found my skin to be looking a lot healthier then usual, it had a kind of a glow, or else I’m delusional from lack of food!! Still haven’t actually felt hunger which is quite strange.

Day3 Woke up feeling light. My stomach flatter the usual which is always a nice start to your day. Got out of bed easily. Drank lots of hot water and lemon and then a pint of juice. By noon I was hungry and low in energy but it passed after a couple of hours and felt good for the rest of the evening.  You would think day 3 of a juice diet your brain would be mush from lack of food but I have felt so on top of my game since yesterday morning. I feel calmer, not one bit anxious and just chilled in general maybe this is because my body has been given a well deserved break and its not working like crazy to digest food. It makes perfect sense to me to give your body a break now and then, after all we only have one!

Food takes up a lot of our time and I find a juice detox helps me face myself a little more instead of distracting myself with food to maybe hide an emotion or bad feeling you may be having (which I defo do). It is always a time of reflection for me. It helps me control my addictions (sugar). I always feel more centered and balanced after. The condition of my skin hair and nails improve. I also have a great feeling of satisfaction after that I was able to follow it through to the end and not slip into temptation. It’s a great way to strengthen your will power, which will stand to you in all aspects of your life. I also defo lost a pound or two along the way however I would never recommend this to anyone who is soley looking to loose weight but may help give you a head start to continue on a healthy more natural diet.

I love running and exercise but when I’m on a detox I go easy on my body. Day 1 went on a very light ten minute run to wake me up. Day 2 did some core work in the gym, only took 20 minutes. Day 3 yoga class.  I always make sure I am doing very little the days I am detoxing, ideally try it when you are not working or if that is not possible free up your evenings to rest. Take advantage of the time to spoil yourself. I normally read loads, stretch loads, do a hair mask, face mask , paint my nails, watch movies etc…. DESTRESS!

For those of you who don’t have a juicer I am highly recommending (below) this very affordable one to start, I used it for two years until I upgraded mine. I found it to be very reliable, easy to use and easy to clean. Please click here to view on the Argos site. This juicer saved me a tonne of money in the long run as juices can be expensive to buy pre made.

Please check out my homemade recipe guide on the Facebook page. Best of luck! Any queries please contact me at Feedback greatly welcomed! Sinead x


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