Easter- A Different Perspective

I hope you are all having a splendid Easter Sunday. It is my favourite time of year! Whats not to like? It’s a Diabetics dream day, its Spring time, lent ends (40 days without aspartame for me), there’s a sense of new beginnings in the air & to me its the ultimate family day. As kids we got black sacks of Easter eggs and just over indulged for days and still to this day “the Easter bunny comes bearing gifts” 🙂


(40 Day Challenge Complete)

On the downside, like most religious holidays in the 21st Century we all celebrate the day lavishly but forget the reason why. It has become about how much money we spend on our loved ones over anything else. Not that I’m a practising Catholic but it seems that it has just become another money making racket for retailers just like Valentine’s Day. It has been estimated in a study carried out by CNBC that roughly 70e will be spent on each child on…EASTER EGGS!!!! This means they will consume nearly 8000 calories over this bank holiday weekend and a colossal amount of paper and plastic will fill the landfills from the unnecessary packaging! (If you are interested in the study please read more here). So if you are like many households around the county today and the children have received a substantial amount of eggs please donate the surplus to a homeless or Children’s charity. You can give them away to people who won’t have a lot today and in turn your kids health will also benefit from this selfless act of kindness. It’s a win/ win scenario for everyone involved 🙂

Considering that last year In Ireland householders generated a staggering 19,337 tonnes in packaging at Easter alone (Easter egg boxes, cardboard, and dinner party goods). This year the recycling responsibility scheme has published a number of environmental Easter tips.

Recycling Tips

  • Cardboard – Compress or fold cardboard boxes flat and put into household dry recyclable bin or bring to your nearest recycling centre.
  • Plastics – Most Easter egg moulded plastic is PET denoted by a triangle with the number one inside.  This can go into most plastic bottle collection systems.
  • Foil – Fold the aluminium foil from Easter eggs and place in recyclable household collection bin.
  • Make Easter treats from some of the uneaten Easter Chocolate.  Children will love helping to make chocolate cornflake cakes, or creating Easter bunny-shaped biscuits.
  • If you are planning a big Easter lunch/dinner, buy loose fruit and vegetables, rather than pre-packaged ones, and recycle all your used glass.
  • Don’t forget to compost your fruit and vegetable peelings

easter waste

So as you go about your day… ‘be mindful & have loads of fun  ❤

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