‘The Secret’ by Rhona Byrne

First things first you MUST read or watch ‘The Secret’!!! I am the biggest advocate of the book & will tell anyone I meet to bring it in to their lives. I genuinely believe it changes peoples outlook forever. People I preach about it too are sceptical & believe it is a religious cult. However after they read or watch it when they realise it is not they wish they had done it sooner. So do it today and get excited as your life is about to change forever! You can watch the documentary on Netflix, online or buy the book in any bookstore or  here from the official website.  I like the book the best as you can continuously refer back to it time and time again! It will become a life long tool you will utilise. I advise you to have pen and paper at the ready as you will be busy taking valuable information down. I would love to hear your verdict on it but more importantly I hope that each of you let other people in on “our secret” too 😉 You can thank me later 🙂 #ask #believe #receive

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