What’s your excuse?

For years I have had sooooo many excuses! My particular favourites were having “no time” or “my diabetes”. Who was I kidding! I had tonnes of time & there are athletes who have Diabetes that survive. I had time for everything else except exercise. Alone, I spent 2 hours religiously watching the soaps EVERY night (Never mind if it was a Teen Mom or Georgie Shore night), another two hours consisted of flicking from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Whatsapp and back again.

I am not a particular fan of working out & never have been. So this year I was determined I would find a hobby that I found pleasurable. So two months ago I plucked up the courage to join Pole Fitness by myself & I am loving it! It is the perfect class for me. Moral of the story is… There is a class/ activity for everyone you just need to find what suits you. Since, I have even become a member of a gym in order to get fit & improve my Diabetes in fact. Since downing the remote control & diving into bed at every opportunity I can find I am filling my 72 left over hours (equivalent of 3 days) more productively.

How will you spend your next 72 hours, that is the question?

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